You may call me Lady, for the name does not matter.

I am from the Land of Magic. Its my home, it my everyday and magic is my everything. Its like breathing. I could not think of living without it in my life.

I am not magican as everyone think of wiccans, as it is expected. I dont make lotions or potions or any spells at all. I live by calendar and fact that everything I do should have magical meaning. If I water my flowers or do my laundry. If I eat or make love.

Yet, magic is not a belief for me. Theres nothing to believe in. No outside gods or goddesses, its only about me and my choices. My choice is what builds my future and destiny – therefor I am my own god and my body and everything spiritual inside me is sacred.

How I see this life and how magic is related into everyday life is what I am going to write about.