Weekend started with wind blowing under roof and waterdrops falling to my window. Later it had its moments of sunshine. But I stayed at home, made fire and ate mushrooms. I love baked mushrooms. Its so beautiful to watch and listen the dance and song of flames.

I had a plans for Saturday. It was a Rose Day in our bookstores. You take them rose, they give you book. But I started to feel kind of wrong. Like its the thing where they suck out your energy or who knows what, because the book has always more value than rose. And ofcourse behind of that all were owners wish to get their fortune. As much as I love books I did skip this oportunity. And I was thinking about applyng for a job in this company, but now I just dont want to.

Instead I took a walk in my garden. Spring is on its fullest. Everything blooms. Radishes and carrots shows first sight of growing. I did put them down last week. And for today everything is even more and more sunny and warm and beautiful. Today I saw first dandelions!

It was rainy and lazy Sunday. Had to make some arrangements for monday, for!

Societatis Academic Militare Historiae (or something like that) had their book presetation! Only with selected guests. Years ago, I was introduced to their societys President of Honour. I did keep touch and now weeks earlier he called me and invited to come over. Absolutely!

There were all kind of people in there. Historians, arists, collectors. They sang, speak stories, shared plans. Made gifts. I got two new books, one about tanks and other one about eastern front in WW II. I still got my books!

We ate. Why I bring it out – Everyone eats! – is because how we ate. In the table were soup for four. One bowl, cour spoons, four people sharing the bowl. Salad were shared by two people. So I did share with the guy who sat next to me. He were so sad, because he wanted to share his book aswell, but publicator didnt made it by time. First time in my life I got to eat octopus. So tasteful!

So it did end. My almost weekend with rain and books, for until yesterday it did rain and rain and rain. Today we had extremely beautiful day with sunshine.