For our soul and body is sacred.

We might be heros, but heros first choice must be themselves. Maybe tomorrow we are needed again.

Most common beliefe about these who can make miracles is if they can make miracles they must do it free and always. Its the destiny. But it really isnt.

We take time to go to work, to make money, to have some duties. And theres very little time left for things that are more important. That keeps us alive and happy. This is how everyone can help themselves, humens or elves or angels or witches, who ever you are.

1. Always wake up with a smile. If not, then smile. Before you open the eyes, before you kill the alarmclock. Smile!

2. Before sleep do only calm things. For some reasons our tv channels tend to show horror or action movies in the late nights. If you think you watch it and then go to sleep, its wrong. Rather have a nice cup of cocoa with a fairytale book, or listen some calm music. Or just take a evening walk or do yoga. Take a bath. But dont over exasperate your nerval system.

3. Eat together. Behind the table. Enjoy the food and each others company. But remember, what ever trouble is in family, what ever talks must to be talked – this is not the place. Keep the troubles into later time, they are there, they wount run anywhere. An hour together with most important people in the world where no shadow is allowed is more important. Better more if the meal is maked by whole family together.

4. Read. Reading is always good, it makes you smarter.

5. Write. Sometimes theres no one around. Journal is a good thing where you can write what you dont want to forget and where to write to forget or to solve. Its a good idea to keep two separated journals, even if one dosnt go without other. One would be your best friend, other one your therapist.

6. Walk(jog/run/swim). Everyday. In parks or beaches or forests. Somehwere wheres no people, only you and blue sky and everything beautiful that nature has to show you.

7. Take time for these who you love. For hurry will be here always