Everyone of us creates feelings to others. What they feel we truly dont know.

Feeling isnt only something unreachable like friendship or love. But often it includes smells, comfort, disqust, time. I am not sure how we make these feelings. Our likes and dislikes makes base, but everything that continues. Maybe it is not always about us, but how people who feels thinks about us.

The bestes way is reachable in old peoples homes.

It depends how they have lived, what they value.

Like lady, wop has been living whole her in Europe has decorated her home like in Germany of France, she makes meals like there. She welcomes you, speaks with you, thinks of you this one way.

Other lady is from old russian home, her walls is ccovered with carpets and she cries for fallen soviet union days. Yet, if she gives you, you must take or you insult her. She is pretty loud, she has all kind of goldy things around her house. And the feeling that grows are something totally different.

Next one has seen war. Shes very conserned and often and usually proud. She holds her head up, for she have survied. You feel everything what was before war in her house. You could feel locales and warmth from the old world.

And next one is a simple lady. She remembers everything that her great-great grandmother did know. Shes like something old, something that havent even yet have any war. You could feel the roots that keeps you deep in the ground. And the time stops.

Theres all kind of ladies and gentlemans. They carry their time inside them.

But if these ladies are our friends, we dont feel time anymore, we feel their life, thier moods, their temper. If we are family we hardly see the roots anymore, we forgot what others sees, for it is usual to us. Normality. We start to carry and share same feelings, because its where we have come. We catch our own fire and get our own experiences and what other feels is different from our parents.