Its believed that what ever energy you give out to the world shall return do you three times. What ever deeds and toughts you have they have affect do your tomorrow.

This is going to be real witch subject. I had my toughts long ago, but they had to come together inside me.

So let me tell you how I see the rule of three and the good and bad.

First of all.
When I do good, when I pray to goddesses, when I heal or just wish good, then how does it work.

if I take the energy from space or god or goddesses or who knows where, then we really dont know where we take it and what we must pay for it. So first thing we should pay for our deeds is our own energy. No matter what we do, sometimes we get people who supports us, sometimes we get these who loves us, but in general – we are on our own. Working with others we may be able to use their energy, but often its not suitable, so yeah. No cosmos. Space is out there and if I cant relocate it and see and understand it and the deal between I dont recommend to go for it. Some says its secure and I am anxious. But angels and gods and space, its what we think it is, but. Why should they care to give you an energy to fix someones life? They are so powerful that they could fix by one flick everyones lives. Its something I dont have trust in.

When I do good I do good to me(I), I get to payd from the person for doing good(II)(tIf I do something to someone else there will be always a pay part. Its always there. It witch denies it someone else gets it. If person dosnt want to pay. Well, its always adviced to pay) and karma ofcourse(III) – and this is the rule of three.

Now, doing good is a tricky thing and can be aswell doing bad. If I take someone and I do good by giving this person little money spell. This person really wins with a lottery. But who were suppose to win this lottery? Were it mere coincidence or not? I mean, there could be that on other case some poor man would get it who needed it more. Or it could be that someone rich would get it. We often think that rich ones dosnt need and need=deserve. It isnt really so. If the rich one is able to do work for others and help them and karma gives, then who are we do stop it? So basically I get it back 3 times – geting(inside) good for doing good (I), geting payd for my spell(II), so now, since its unclear were it really a good deed or not I get myself a chance or I will loose one.

Doing bad. If someone wants to break the relationship from loving man. He supports, hes family loves but for her it isnt right. Then I can break the deal. Same time I break one of my deals. If I clean her relationship part up, I clean it up on myself aswell. Cleaning is always good. But breaking or greating the relation is something more questionable. You see, it might be a good relationship, then I loose some chances for me, if its really something that should not be I create a chance for me and her and him. Everyone wins.

Same thing goes with healing. Maybe this person is sick by the rules of karma and I fix this person and I loose a chance for I take away this persons chance. Well, in health you can always make the person do the hard work. They never want to do, but make them think out what is the reason they are ill. Its a golden deal, let them think and maybe nothing have to be done. They figure it out and boom – next day they wake up all fixed! If I dont heal, and they figure it out then its different thing then while I heal.

It goes down to really simple examples

If I lie I loose the power to see when someone lies to me
If I steal the others can steal from me
If I take someones choice I would loose a “door” or “window”
If I heal someone I heal myself
If I destroy someone I destroy part of myself. But you cant destroy anything that is prefect

If I dont want to see the good deeds bad side or bad deeds good side I will do good that I cannot see or bad that I cannot see either. Good might be good to someone that turns to bad for me. Even scarier is bad I do while I do good. I might take away someones growth! If my bad side is “hided” its always ruled by forces. I dont trust any forces, its usually not nature. So better see everything. If a mother is asking help with a depressed child, we fix the child, but maybe we just do bad to the child while well.. mother rules over child and it could be mere closeup so mother could not turn the child into someone else. Because we used to think that mothers means 200% well to their babies.

Wiccans says after their thingy “if it is right”. I dont know exact words – meaning stays. It takes action of nothingess. I mean, who decides what is right or what should be? Our destiny is not written on rocks, its the sum of everyday actions we take. And it gives away the responsibility.

If someones wants me to do somthing and I agree to do, then they give answer of their wishes. I just can be happy if I am successful. If I do something on my own then I give answer to my actions. If I fail I feel concecuenses, if I suggsess I see what comes out of it. Sometimes it is what we wish for, sometimes it really isnt.