One thing I have noticed is that in Europe people eat much more stuff out from nature than in America. In this post I speak about weed I eat and enjoy. Things right from your garden! They only helps and eases, they does help to prevent diseases.

1. Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale)
From root to flower! Eatable when young or flowering
Its really good in salads. Roots you can toast, powder them up and make a coffee. But what I most love is honey.
In the sunny day I collect dandelions yellow blooming flowers. I w ash them, add water equal to flowers and make them boil. When it boils I turn off the heat and let it set overnight or up to 24 hours. Then I take flowers out, so that only yellow greenish water stays in pot and I make it boil again. Little by little I start to add sugar.(75% of flowers. If you had cup of flowers than you add three quareters of sugar) Its ready when it seems like to be a liquid honey.

It helps against.
Liverdiseases – eat the green part. 1-2 stalk in a day
Heartdiseases – dandelion flowerteas
Constipation – Tea made of roots. Half glass before breakfast and other half before dinner.
Flu, bronchaitis – dandeloinhoney
And vitamin C in springs – eat 10 days one stalk a day, keep 10 days pause and eat another ten days a stalk etc until you feel better.

2. Cowslip (Primula veris) From root to flower. Eatable when young or flowering.
I just love cowslip. I eat it in salads or aswell with cottage cheese. You can use yellow flowers on your sweets. Goes well with meat.
It has vitamins C, A, P, E and a lot of manganese salts.

Cowslip is antibacterial, antifungus, calming.
It helps against (tea! you can make teas out of it!)
kidney- and bladder stones
lowers cholesterol
against got
eases tremor

! But, be careful with roots! Too much can make you ill.

3. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) young leaves.
Soups, tea, pestos, purees… imagination is the level. You can also use it in your bath water.
Includes viatmins A, B, C, E and iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium

Herb has been used (as tea or fresh leaves) to treat disorders of the:
kidneys and urinary tract
gastrointestinal tract
locomotor system
cardiovascular system

! Be careful, theres a trick! If you drink nettle tea, then it makes your blood thin and it can go too thin, it can loose its power to clot. So basically just 10 days drink/eat – 10 days pause – 10 drink/eat – 10 pause etc.

4. Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)
Only tea and wraps. It has been on my life forever, as long as I remmeber.

You take this boiled flowers and make wraps out of it and use them on the parts whats ill against
pains, helps well with toothpain (dosnt fix tooth, just gives little time before dentist)

Tea helps against:

5. Dog-rose (Rosa canina) Its berries, flowers and leaves.
You can make out of it syrup, marmalade, tea, compote, you can use it on soups.
I love it. Every end of the summer I just get crazy to gets its berries. I find them and basically sit under the bush and eat them. Flowers and leaves can be used on making tea.

What its good for:’
2-5 berries contains our daily need for vitamin C!
stimulates urinary and biliary excretion
it helps to stop bleeds
Its helps against:
Infectious diseases
sleep disorders

! You should never freeze dog-rose berries, freezing kills the vitamin C. But you can dry it!