The Imbolc is here. I was away for a while, because I thought, the writing in english is above my head. The fact is, if I dont do I wount get better. I have a friend who does blog and vlogs and her blog writings in english is normal, but the vlogs makes me cry. But I am with her, because maybe she gets something out of it one day.

For me Imbolc starts today and ends tomorrow. Like someone sayd, in old days everything went from eve to eve. So today I suppose to do some christmasfood. Blood pudding and baked potatoes, aswell candy. The real day is tomorrow and some part of holiday feeling is starting to kick in. Tomorrow I am going to local tavern to get some traditional drinks and food. Women going to tavern and drinking womenred is traditional enough. How it all will go I can write tomorrow.

Since my motivation has been really low. I havent write or clean and generally I dont have any interest against food. The witching and sleeping are two things I enjoy. And the dreams are so vivid. Yet I think that dreaming and witching is pretty much same thing aswell.

In one night I had some work to do. I did go to the house where weird things happened. All were fine and then I went to sleep. In the night I felt someone is dragging me out of my bed, not left, but up. Near to ceiling. I started to fight back with my feet and then I saw him. It was big rounded furry creature with a long and furry foxtale. It had big red eyes and feet with long nails. So I did go to ride with it, I did burn it and I hope the family got rid of it. Old books says its an old magic, done hundreds of years ago and its called a graveyard demon.

I was scared after that, I must say. Because I highly honor old magic and its creatures. I usually try to find them a new home. Or trying to find people a new home. Theres was not such thing that was merely good magic, but in some points some things were really evil ones and I really didnt think about it before this night. Then I did understand this is the evil one. Or maybe I just cant see behind it. And I dont know what the family did, maybe it suppose to be there. And in the end of the day, if someone pays me to help them its really not my problem.